Best Payroll Software For Small Businesses in Ireland

When choosing a payroll software for your small business, you should keep a few things in mind. Payroll software for small businesses will need to be flexible with pay schedules, such as monthly, weekly or fortnightly payments. It should also offer customer support, as a small business will not have technical resources to troubleshoot a problem. Make sure that the payroll software you choose offers cloud-based service, as this will protect the data you store.


If you run a small business in Ireland, then OnPay payroll software will make the process of managing employee wages, benefits and taxes simple. This software also includes customer support, documentation and training. Brian has over 30 years of experience in the publishing industry, speaking at international conferences, and interviewing clients on BBC radio. He is an author, editor, and trainer focusing on Software as a Service applications. Here are his top tips on choosing payroll software for your business.

OnPay is a cloud-based payroll solution that can automate your payroll, tax filing, and payment workflows. It includes features like employee self-onboarding, automated payroll taxations, and scheduled pay runs. It also has an employee portal that lets you manage employee information, view past pay stubs, and track PTO. The user interface is intuitive and allows you to onboard new employees and keep track of their performance easily.

When choosing OnPay, you’ll want to choose a solution with standard pricing. This way, you don’t have to worry about rate hikes or bait and switch pricing schemes. OnPay’s pricing structure is also consistent across all sizes of businesses. No monthly fees means that you can use the service on multiple devices. This is especially beneficial for small businesses with a high volume of transactions. You can run your payroll using multiple devices, including smartphones.

Patriot Payroll

As one of the top payroll software options for small businesses in Ireland, Patriot Payroll provides more features than comparable software. For example, Patriot enables businesses to deposit employees’ paychecks directly into their bank account, even those that do not have traditional pay periods. Patriot’s payroll software also includes two-factor authentication, a measure that reduces the risk of unauthorized access and ensures the confidentiality of private data.

Patriot Payroll has a full range of payroll services and cheap pricing. Their basic payroll plan costs $10 per month, or about $2-$3 per employee per month. The price varies depending on the number of employees you have. The free plan is for businesses that only require printing of W-2s, and does not file payroll taxes. The full-service plan costs about $25 per month. This plan is also not recommended for companies with more than 100 employees.

Patriot Payroll also integrates with accounting and human resources systems, ensuring that your finances are in order. Its integration with other systems enables employees to access payroll information without the need to access the payroll system itself. This makes it easy to file tax returns and other required financial forms. If you are looking for a payroll software for small businesses in Ireland, Patriot Payroll is the best choice.

Wave Payroll

The free version of Wave Payroll is designed to help small businesses get started on the right foot. With an easy-to-use interface, it’s easy to pay employees, file taxes, and create reports. Small businesses can also use Wave to keep track of new hire reporting requirements. It automatically generates the required forms and files for new employees. You can start using Wave today for free if you have less than five employees.

When it comes to payroll software, it’s important to choose one that’s easy to use. Payroll software should be easy to navigate, have clear instructions, and prompts to make the process as painless as possible. Easy-to-use software should be easy to enter employee information, calculate wages, and generate reports. It should also provide helpful tools and support for users who need it.

Regardless of how much you value the security of your data, Wave Payroll is the best payroll software for Irish small businesses. The company offers pay-as-you-go pricing for its free plan, which includes expense tracking, receipts, and payments. Payroll users can also take advantage of paid features such as recurring billing and project management. With a free trial account, you can test out Wave and make sure it’s right for your business.


It is free and is designed for small to midsize businesses, and it has a comprehensive set of features. It also supports 1099 contractors and offers 401(k) deferral and contributions. It can also export payroll information into common accounting packages. BambooHR was founded in 2008 and offers human resources software and payroll software. It has a 4.5/5 rating on Capterra. There is no need to worry about scalability or compatibility.

This free payroll software has a feature set that many small businesses need, but it doesn’t automate payroll processing. You must input hours for each pay period and choose whether to pay employees via check or direct deposit. Payroll4Free also has an optional tax-filing service, but it only costs $15 a month, and only if you’re paying more than 25 employees. Payroll4Free’s features are not limited to calculating payroll and are flexible to suit the needs of small businesses.

Another great feature of Payroll4Free is its employee portal. Through it, employees can access their recent pay stubs, view their year-end forms, and update their personal information. Despite its outdated interface, it’s easy to use and navigate. It has a top menu bar that displays a series of tiles, each representing a payroll feature. It also includes a grid-style entry screen where you can add and edit employees, input hours, and process payroll.


If you’re looking for a payroll software provider for your small business, you’ve probably come across SurePayroll. This cloud-based software solution offers a user-friendly payroll platform, automated processes, and a mobile app. It also offers expert customer support in Spanish and extended customer service hours. While it’s not the best option for large businesses, it’s a great choice for smaller companies.

A few cons include the fact that SurePayroll has a four-day processing period for customers who purchase the SS license. If this is too long for you, consider using one of the payroll software alternatives for just $7.99 a month. These programs offer much faster payroll processing, but they cost more up front. However, these services provide peace of mind and security. The free trial of SurePayroll gives you a chance to see whether the software is right for you.

Sage offers various payroll software packages for small businesses in Ireland. You can get a free trial and other promotions for new users. This software is best suited for small to medium-sized companies, high-potential startups, and larger organizations. The company offers payroll packages for five to 100 employees for EUR10+VAT per month. Parolla, another payroll software provider in Ireland, focuses on customer support and a dedicated team to answer all your questions.

QuickBooks Payroll

If you’re considering purchasing payroll software for your small Irish business, you’ve probably already heard of QuickBooks. This payroll software program automates the process of calculating employee salaries and payroll taxes. It also helps employers keep track of employee expenses. Fortunately, there are many options available, and most offer free trials. Here, we compare some of the most popular payroll software packages in Ireland. Here’s what you should expect from each.

Before you purchase payroll software, make sure it’s compatible with any other systems you already use. Manually exporting data is time-consuming, and it can cause errors. Choose payroll software that can integrate with time-tracking systems. Accurate time tracking is critical to ensuring accurate payroll processing. QuickBooks’ payroll software allows businesses to keep track of employee hours without spending a lot of time entering data manually.

Intuit QuickBooks’ survey of Irish SMEs revealed that 43% of SMEs didn’t feel prepared for the COVID-19 virus. This virus has posed unprecedented challenges to Ireland’s economy. Intuit’s research has identified three top financial management concerns in small businesses. QuickBooks pays attention to each of these concerns. QuickBooks Payroll software can help small businesses overcome these concerns. It’s also fully compliant with PSD2 Open Banking, which means you can integrate your bank feeds without paying extra fees.


Compared to other software, Xero is more flexible for Irish small businesses. It is particularly useful for start-ups without a wealth of accounting knowledge. This software also offers real-time insights into cash flow, and a range of add-ons make it suitable for tailoring the software to the needs of Irish businesses. In fact, Xero is so flexible that even a novice user can customise its functions.

Xero’s recent acquisition of Hubdoc has further improved its user interface. It provides a central location for all documents, scans them for vital information, and enables paperless operation. The new interface is much more user-friendly than the older version, and the menus are organized logically. Xero has even added an app store, which means that users can buy additional services from a single platform.

Xero offers three subscription options. Among these are the standard subscription and the full-service payroll add-on. Subscriptions start at $12 per month and increase from there. You can also opt for a full-service payroll add-on, which costs $39 per month plus $6 per employee. Xero also offers a free trial. The trial is a good way to decide whether this software suits your needs.

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